My latex mattress makes me hot

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Does your mattress have you tossing and turning as a result of an uncomfortable temperature? There are some things you can do to keep your cool…. Sleeping too cold at night can contribute to arthritis and fibromyalgia symptoms as well as making it hard to sleep well. But, uncomfortable sweating, tossing and turning and disrupted sleep can all be caused by a bed that is too hot as well. No one wants to try to sleep in either situation. Keeping your bedroom and mattress at an optimal sleep temperature and finding a workable solution, especially for partners who may have different temperature preferences, can seem difficult but is not impossible.
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Do latex mattresses sleep hot? – Debunking the myth

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Pros and Cons of Latex Mattress and Pillows | The Mattress Nerd

Generally, sleeping on natural materials like latex will help you to sleep comfortably cool throughout the night. However, some people have the misconception that latex mattresses are warm to sleep on. A natural latex mattress normally lets you sleep cooler than synthetic foam materials such as polyurethane foam. The latex mattress has an open-cell structure that encourages the foam to breathe. Air circulation is also optimised with the presence of pinholes that were created during the production process. When you move during sleep the air moves in and out of the mattress through the pinholes and open-cell structure , helping you to feel cooler. On the other hand, polyurethane foam or memory foam has a closed-cell structure.
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Does A Latex Mattress Sleep Hot?

So the wife and I recently got a new latex with some foam mattress and in general it is great. For reference it is this one from Crate and Barrel extra wedding presents and 'completion' discount for the win! However, while it in general has been a huge upgrade from our old coil spring mattress we have been noticing that it has tendency to sleep "hot". Reading on the interwebs it seems like this is a somewhat normal thing with foam mattresses because they conform to your body there just isn't much room for air to get around and keep you cool. Has anybody else ever dealt with a similar issue?
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Disclosure: This site receives a payment from Amazon or Brooklyn Bedding when you purchase a product using any links to that company in this article. One of the main complaints customers have about their mattress is that they sleep too hot on it. This is especially true of mattresses that have a lot of memory foam. So how can you sleep cooler on your mattress?

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